Practice and Private Lessons During GOC Week

We open our dance center for guests during GOC week (August 7th - 12th)

Dear GOC competitors, dear guests in Stuttgart,

If you are looking for a practice room or a facility that can host private lessons, we have something for you. If we can arrange someone to let you in, you can use our dance center (more than 700 square meters of dancefloor!) for your own practice or even to get private lessons from the teacher of your choice.

Floor fee:

  1. Guest teachers are charged 5 € each 15 minutes of private lesson. Any additional practice of the couples who had private lessons is included on the same day.
  2. Couples who come for practice only will be charged 10 € per person and day.

Please contact our sports manager Oliver Brosch and write, when you wish to use our dance sport center.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Stuttgart and we wish you the best success for your competitions at GOC!